Company history
The company was founded in April 28, 1989, the establishment of the 28-year history has been set up, we have been selling the main products: connector and wire processing and manufacturing, the company set up the concept: in order to serve the vast For the purpose of customers, customers want to buy a large number of electronic products, customers can help save unnecessary pressure on the inventory, but also allow procurement staff to efficiently handle all the relevant matters to complete the order.

Integrity, Innovation, Responsibility, Customer Satisfaction, Attentive Participation Since our founding, we have been following the principle of continuous improvement. With such management philosophy, we have also strengthened our professionalism over the years while continuously increasing the dullness of related electronic products. In May 15, 2001, the merger of the company changes the type of configuration, an increase of computer supplies department, the future we will be based on customer needs, changes in the environment and adjust the pace of the company, the purpose is to allow people to buy things at once As needed, we look forward to working hard to serve the needs of every client with the experience and expertise we have accumulated in the past.

Company's organization
By the two operators division of labor, according to a line of management, everything is personally, keep informed of all parties inside and outside the organization, and adjust the operating principles.
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